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12 Steps to

Overcoming The Fear of Flying

*Succeeding in Life*

by: Pastor Eddie L. Harris Jr.

The purpose of this book is to encourage, admonish, challenge and lead the sometimes faint at heart and weak in spirit believer, to continue to hope, wait, and trust and know that God will do exactly what HE said HE would do; while accepting the fact that, there are greater things in store for those who are not afraid of letting go and letting God take you to places you never imagined possible; there are higher heights to ascend, steeper mountains to climb and wider oceans to cross, if only they believe, spread their wings and fly; if only they mount up and soar higher, even higher than the eagles, in Christ, then, they will overcome their fear of flying.

Scripture tell us that, “For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power and of love and self-control” 2 Timothy 1:7- ESV. Paul, in his letter to Timothy, admonishes Timothy to remain steadfast in his faith, and to not be afraid to use the gifts that God instilled in him, encouraging him to do the work and will of God, as he understands what need God has of him.  For everyone desiring to excel and succeed in life according to God’s plan for you, you must recognize that fear alone, cannot be made credible, it should not be given a platform by which you succumb, embrace, and nor should you allow fear to clip your spiritual wings of hope in Christ Jesus. 

My personal struggle with the fear of succeeding mostly resonated in the crevices of self-doubt. I was plagued with the fear of succeeding for most of my life. I was continually second guessing myself as I attempted to embark on many wonderful, well imagined ideas that flooded my soul. Hindsight would reveal that my main problem came cloaked in the form of being too analytical; I put too much time into overthinking the process, and not enough time into trusting God and working through the process.

I soon discovered that focusing on the possible end result more than what was warranted proved to be detrimental to my gifts making room for me. Back then, it never dawned on me that even though I could see myself on the other side of my hopes and dreams, by blotting out the journey through the process put me at a major disadvantage of exercising my faith in God. This was the kind of faith that I desperately needed to appreciate the words of the Prophet, Isaiah; I needed to fully comprehend the power and certainty of the Scriptures, that would ultimately lead me atop the cliff, that would cause me to become more patient, and wait on the Lord; the high place that would profoundly prove to be the place where I would come to fully rely on God; the place where I would learn to spread my wings and soar as an eagle, and victoriously overcome my fear of flying – soaring with the confidence of succeeding in Christ, Jesus.