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You May Not Be Who You Think You Are!


The book “You May Not Be Who You Think You Are,” is a compelling, hard-fought, masterful, real-life account of one man’s journey of dogged determination to discover his once concealed bloodline. A bloodline that had been quietly and mysteriously tucked away in the innermost crevices of the heart where only the sacred secrets of adoption, and the captive spirit of deceit owned the power to release it into the light of truth. 

Already accomplished in his own right as a god-fearing son, husband, father, soldier and professional, John yet yearned for an identity that had eluded him for a lifetime. And it is on the pages of this very dynamic, riveting, heartfelt, account of his pursuit of authentic personhood; and his quest to bring forth what had been born and reared in the darkness of sin, that John Isham Payne, Jr., affords us [the readers] the opportunity of a lifetime to turn the pages of destiny and discover what not only many adoptees pine for, but also for those who have assumed an identity of assurance, only to have ‘spit’ contradict the ill-conceived truth of a lie.

John Payne’s, You May Not Be Who You Think You Are, is a literary journey that will take you to shores you’ve never been, and introduce you to people you could never have imagined knowing, and cause each of you to arrive at a precipice in life that will give pause to your assumed certainty of really knowing just who you are! Yes, I highly recommend this book with all of the prejudice and bias that I can muster! This masterpiece is a must read, life-altering experience that never ceases to bless; it’s an experience. That never ceases to end!

~Eddie L Harris Jr.